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Zirconia set:

We usually see a lot of brides and ladies wear jewellery set in their official occasions, it could be made by gold, diamonds or any other kind of jewellery that really seems like real jewellery in quality and accuracy.

We would like to show you a wide new collection of these sets which really have a good quality, they are distinguished in their modern designed and keeping updated with latest fashion seasons.

A full jewellery set usually consists of (necklace, bracelet, earrings and the ring) but sometimes some women or brides may prefer to choose a smaller set which has only necklace and the earrings due to the different in tastes and the financial situation.

Zircon Set Types According to the Coating:

Rhodium plating (the white gold):

The Rhodium plated sets are always characterized with a long period of usage (which may reach dozens of years), their designs are made with a very high accuracy in order to seem very close to the real models using the best materials of Zirconic stones.

The duration is depending on the amount of exposure to the chemical items (such as the perfume) but despite of exposing to those materials, it maintains its splendor and color. It will last for many years and the effect of perfume will only appear after the excess of exposing to the chemical items.

Golden Plating:

It is as good as Rhodium plating.

Silver Plating:

This type is suitable for people who are looking for low priced jewelleries that they can wear for a few times in weddings ceremonies or any other events. The main reason is due to the poorly resistant of silver plating to moisture and chemicals. We usually use crystal and zircon stones in the manufacture of these sets.

Also we can make jewellery sets with different colored stones (as red) which is suitable for the day of Henna or any other event as well.

But as known, the white color zircon stone will be the most usage in the manufacture of the jewellery sets.

There are also another kind of earrings which are plated with golden color but they are not real gold, in addition to the plated earrings with black color.

Parts of the full set jewellery?

1- Earrings: earrings are always available in many shapes, the most famous one is the water drop shape earrings and the square earrings which originally very similar to the beautiful diamonds earrings.

The shape of the earring usually should fit the bride's crown, but for the ordinary women, they prefer to choose earrings that must be fitted to their dresses, they could be white color, green emerald or even dark blue.

LAZURD COMPANY can introduce some earrings that are made of Bronze which can be divided according to the plating to:

Rhodium plated earrings:

This type of earrings are characterized that they are as similar as to diamonds and golden earrings in terms of quality and accuracy because they use the hard stone of zircon in manufacture.

Golden plated earrings:

It has the same quality as Rhodium plating.

Silver plated earrings:

This type of earrings is known as low priced in comparing with the previous types, but on the other hand it won't last too long, this type might be chosen by brides to wear only in the wedding ceremony, the Crystal stones are usually used in manufacture this type of set.

2- NECKLACE: It is the basic part of the Zircon set. With the presence of the necklace the beauty of the whole set will be revealed, the designer will do his best to produce an amazing masterpiece to adorn the lady's neck.

We usually plate the necklace with Rhodium (white golden) and yellow gold. Other models can be plated with silver which are studded with a very high quality of zircon stones in order to be shone around the neck of the lady.

3- Bracelet: many brides choose to wear only bracelet beside the earrings, it is a really beautiful part any girl can add to her hand in order to show more elegance to her beauty, that's why LAZURD is arranging to introduce a wonderful collection of Zircon bracelets in terms of beauty and modern designs with different shapes and sizes (cal, pagette Marquez and round).

Bracelet in terms of plated:

Yellow Golden plating.

Rhodium plating (white gold).

4- Rings: most of the rings are usually made and plated similar to the basic model of the set (necklace, earrings and bracelet). On the other side, the size of the ring should be standard and able to resize it again to fit any finger, so please don’t care about the size of the ring if it isn’t suitable to the zircon set. you will be satisfied.