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The Crown Types:

The Golden Crown:

Crowns that are plated with gold which give the bride an amazing look, this kind of golden crowns is a very good choice to wear with golden or off-white dresses, or maybe it will be a good choice for the BRIDE'S SISTER or her best friend.

The Silver Crowns:

These kind of crowns are plated with silver which are considered the most popular that are required by brides, it is a very good choice for the white dresses which are the most required by all brides.

The Rhodium Crown:

This kind of crowns are suitable for marriage or engagement parties or any other party you would like to look so attractive, the Rhodium crowns are characterized with both a dark color and the usage of the best and the most beautiful kind of Zirconia stones pieces.

The Colourful Crowns or Henna Crowns:

This kind of crowns can be plated with golden, silver or rhodium or even black.
Ladies choose this kind of crowns to be fit for her Henna dress or her occasion clothes. It is characterized with a big variety of colourful stones, so there are red, green, or blue crowns.etc...

Types of the bride's crown according to the height:

Soft Low Wedding Crowns:

From 1.5 to 3.5 cm ... It is usually chosen by brides who choose a soft or less detailed wedding dresses.

Medium Height Wedding Crown:

From 3.5 to 5.5 cm ... girls would like to wear this type for an ideal wedding parties that are balanced in everything, away from excessive calm or excessive noise.

High Wedding Crowns:

From 6 to 8 cm .... It is usually chosen by brides who would like to haveunforgotten wedding parties and remains in the memory of all.

The Material Of Bridal Crowns:

The bridal crowns are generally made of bronze metal then they will be plated with silver, golden or golden color, black color or Rhodium which is called THE WHITE GOLD.

They usually use several types of stones to inlay crowns, such as Zircon, Crystal, Pearls and Beads.

The Appropriate Party to Wear The Bridal crowns:

While choosing the bridal crown, every bride must take in to consideration not only the hair style but also the concept of the place that the party will be in.

So, which kind of crowns is more suitable to the dress? which one is more bright and more attractive? What are the most popular styles of crowns for 2022?

What Should You Do To Choose The Appropriate Crown?

Choosing the type of the crown:

Try to specify the type of crown you would like to have according to the


Weight and Size:

Choose the appropriate crown in weight and size that you can bear on your head throughout the period of the party being you will wear it for many hours. Also you have to take in to consideration the suitable size as the followed traditions by the families of the groom and the bride.

Crown's Style and the Wedding Veil:

Make sure that the style of the crown has a good shape with both the wedding veil and the wedding dress that you will be wearing and suitable for the shape of your face as well.

Suitable To The Decoration And The Concept Of The Place:

You must take in to consideration that wedding ceremonies that are in

open air are different from the ceremonies that are in halls wedding.

Also if there are any special ideas or decoration, this will inforce you to choose a definite type of crowns.

Should fit your face:

The crown you are going to choose must fit your face, so make sure to ask your sister or your friend to help you finding the most suitable crown after trying many styles.

We usually help the brides to find the suitable jewellery beside the crown because there are a lot of brides who really like to wear only earrings beside the crown, such as: Zircon earrings, tall earrings, pearly earrings or soft earrings. They also may choose a set of jewellery that has a necklace, earrings, a brecelet, a ring. Everything will be completed now